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The Dow Jones falls 1,800 pts... right on cue

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The Dow Jones index tumbled by more than 1800 points overnight, with an almost 7% decline in stock prices.

We had specifically flagged the start of June as a top in the US markets in our Road Map 2020 forecast. In my Special Release Video Update to my Road Map subscribers last weekend, I actually nominated that 10th-12th June would be a volatile period in the US markets.

We nominated the exact date. The precise outcome. And we forecasted it all before it happened.

This was after our 2020 Road Map had already successfully predicted:

  • a major fall of more than 30% in US equities would happen at the start of the year;

  • specifically that the falls would happen in March 2020;

  • that there would be buying opportunities in April 2020;

  • that the rally would extend into early June 2020; and now

  • that there would be market volatility between the 10th-12th of June

A number of you have asked how we calculated the 10th-12th June date.

I share those calculations with you in the below short 7 minute video which you can access here.

Password: 6w!4L0.7

Those of you with the Road Map 2020 are welcome to send me over any questions. I love hearing from you.

Until next time...

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