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About us

Change the way you look at financial markets

The Trading with the Time Factor course draws on more than 30 years of collective experience from both an investment banking professional and a full time financial markets trader.

Written by a finance professional with over 15 years experience in investment banking, the author of Trading with the Time Factor and his research partner have more than 40 years of collective experience studying the effect of major cycles in the financial markets, including an advanced understanding of the works of legendary trader, W.D. Gann.

Unlike other educational material providers, we don't earn our living by selling books or courses but do so as we are passionate about the financial markets!

The Trading with the Time Factor course summarises that 30 years of collective experience, including thousands of hours of study and research to identify the trading techniques which have consistently worked to forecast future market tops and bottoms.  

The techniques have proven the test of time.  They have worked for over one hundred years and will work for the next one hundred years and more. 

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