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WD Gann Financial Timetable (updated)

In 1908, W.D. Gann reportedly constructed this legendary Financial Timetable providing a general road map for the direction of economic conditions and US stock prices for the entire 20th century. Its timing was calculated using an economic time cycle of 18.61 years, a cycle that was generally considered to be influential on economic conditions in the United States.

At this point, I wish to reiterate the earlier comment that Gann first created this chart back in 1909. It was a chart that correctly forecast major economic turning points, panics, bull market highs and lows over 100 years in advance!

To work most effectively however, the chart needs to be used in conjunction with the Master 20 year time cycles. These are explained in Trading with the Time Factor - volume 2 . When the two are combined, you have a very effective weapon to forecast major US economic cycles - including the exact years of each stock market boom and bust.

In the table below, I have updated Gann's original timetable and extended this out for the next 20 years until 2028. The starting point in 1989 needed to be re-calibrated to coordinate it more accurately to the 18.61 year cycle.

As you can see, the timetable continues to work more than 100 years since Gann originally produced it. It correctly forecast higher stock market prices into 2019 and then a "market panic" in 2020 which we have all now witnessed with the onset of COVID-19.

I have re-calculated the chart going all the way out to 2101. You can purchase that timetable via the Trade Shop here. At some point in the future, I will prepare a special report outlining my calculations behind this and how you can use this timetable as a guide to stock market cycles over the long term.

Until next time...

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Feb 14

Where can I find this please? "Trading with the Time Factor - volume 2"


Mwando Juma
Mwando Juma
Jul 02, 2020

I need the timetable for hours that introduces new daily candle. I am about to start my trading career, I have done my home work.

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